For the creation waits in eager expectation (Romans 8:19, NIV)

Hi there! My name is Carey Johnson. In I write about issues related to science, Christian faith, the church, and how they intersect with policy and politics.

My perspective is shaped by my faith. I grew up in the Mennonite Brethren church, a denomination in the evangelical wing of the Mennonite tradition. (That’s evangelical with a small e:  a set of theological emphases and practices, not the political, tribal marker that the term has now come to denote.)  My wife and I now attend a Wesleyan church.

My day job for thirty-five years (until I retired) was as a chemistry professor at the University of Kansas. I carried out research in the field of spectroscopy (the interaction of light with molecules), specifically using techniques of time-resolved and single-molecule spectroscopy to explore the properties of proteins and other molecules of interest. I have always loved the physical sciences and still do. And I loved teaching and working with undergraduate and graduate students in the research lab.

I hope that combination gives me a unique perspective on issues related to science, faith, and church. I hope that others will find my perspective interesting, maybe even provocative. We live in that in-between period which the Apostle Paul describes in Romans 8:19:  “The creation waits in eager expectation.” As Christians we worship the risen Jesus Christ and wait in hope for the renewal of all creation.

My hope is that we may come to a deeper understanding of how we can be faithful followers of Jesus. I invite you to join me as I think through issues. You don’t need to agree with everything I have to say. I would love to hear your comments, as long as they are given in a spirit of learning together in mutual respect.

My goal is to poke and prod myself and my Christian brothers and sisters; to say, “Let’s think together about this in light of scripture, in light of Christian tradition, in light of science, but most importantly in light of Jesus.” God has revealed himself in scripture, science, and tradition, but most fully in Jesus. I have opinions, but I don’t have everything figured out. To be honest, I don’t have very much figured out. I am a learner. Writing helps me think through issues and questions. If you are interested in the same questions, let’s think together.